Simply Shoulders

Presented by Selise Stewart and Joyce Yost Ulrich

An exploration of shoulder function and use, honoring spatial medicine in your yoga practice.

May 19, 2-5pm at

Yoga Heart Studio

Gain a new understanding of the anatomy of your shoulders.

Learn how they are connected through your body.

Apply this to your daily practice on and off the yoga mat.

Rossiter Level 1 Workshop

Presented by Rossiter Instructor Joyce Yost Ulrich

Rossiter Level 1 teaches you pain relief from head to toe.

June 8 and 9, 9am-6pm

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Simple, safe, effective. Richard Rossiter believed that one person in every household should know this work, even if just at the most basic level.

Experience Anatomy in your own body through a two person stretch technique unlike any other.

In merely two days, you will have the tools to relieve pain, potentially prevent surgery and unnecessary pain medication, increase mobility and improve athletic performance.

Rossiter Level 2 Workshop

Presented by Rossiter Instructor Joyce Yost Ulrich

Rossiter Level 2 refines your work beyond the basics with More Power, More Techniques.

August 31 and September 1, 9am-6pm

Take the basic skills that you have been practicing, and step them up a notch. Learn to make your work more concise, more concentrated.

Level 2 will address and give you access to techniques to assist a population that Level 1 could not-those who were already surgically compromised. It will now be possible to aid in their pain relief as well.

As your skill and understanding improves, so does your ability to further your impact on a person's health and well-being.

Communicating with Fascia

Presented by Karin Locher, Founder and Director of Centre for Spatial Medicine

The Dialogue of Touch

July 26 through 28

Working with the stimuli of touch this workshop offers advanced Spatial Medicine applications and energetic touch techniques effecting specifically targeted and deep fascial change. Designed to build on understanding of the fascia’s response to vibration, it provides you with greater confidence to use your hands and the dialogue of touch as tools to listen in with, support the tissue specific and effect both local and global change.

You will learn to re-regulate systemically to improve both form and function.This workshop is experiential - you will learn through your own experience to then apply and infuse it into your professional field.Communicating with Fascia is open to all body and mind orientated professionals looking to learn how to effect the fascial body through their hands. This work is a rehabilitation (re-able-habitation) at its deepest level.
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