Pilates Treehouse is a space in which you can explore, inquire, play, and thrive.

Private Sessions promote focused attention on balanced movement without distraction, inviting you to play in your Fascial Body.

Small Group Classes provide an opportunity to put newly learned habits into flow and tempo, using the studio's repertoire to create change in the body. Classes are offered initially as a series to promote a communal understanding of the process and appropriate goals.

Open Studio Practice in the Pilates Studio gives you time to practice independently in order to take the newly formed habits into real life experience. These sessions are supervised for appropriate safety, and with minimal guidance, to allow the student to take ownership of their personal work.

Rossiter Sessions are also available by appointment for those times when you need an extra helping hand (actually foot) to get the pain to GO AWAY. This system is the most effective in alleviating severe pain, using a two person stretch that opens the connective tissue, redistributes and balances the system which removes pain and restores mobility. The client creates space in the body, moving and stretching, while weight is given by the coach's foot, restoring the body to its innate structural integrity.

Iyengar-based Yoga

honoring Spatial Medicine

We would like to welcome Selise Stewart Wile, Yoga Heart Studio to play in this space. Adding even more ways to investigate our human potential.

For more information: Yoga Heart Studio

Spatial Integration Sessions are approximately 55 minutes. Rossiter Sessions are approximately 30 minutes after the initial "new client private session".

A 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect. Please cancel or reschedule your appointment in a timely manner to avoid being charged for the session.