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Students enjoying the effects of Yamuna Face Work at our most recent workshop at Pilates Treehouse, 2019.

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with Yamuna Face Work

SUNDAY, June 28, 3:30-5:00pm

After being told not to touch your face for 3 months, let’s show your face some love. ❤️

Whether you are wearing a mask for work or for general safety, the mask has a real presence. It restricts your facial muscles, inhibits breathing, and causes headaches. And for those of us wearing eyeglasses, there's an extra constraint around the bridge of the nose. 😣

Give your face some much needed TLC in the comfort of your own home.

Balls are available for the class both in Houston, Hurst, or online. Please be in touch for more details.

Restricting the face leads to tension in the neck and chest. Subconsciously this is a message to your brain to stay closed down, tight, stressed.

This is your opportunity to explore relaxation in your eyebrows, mouth and ears. Instantly look and feel refreshed! Mini facelift, anyone?

Yamuna® Face Work is great for:

Headaches, TMJ, Sinus pressure, Neck tension, Furrowed brow, wrinkles...and much more!

Yamuna® stimulates the bones of the skull and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. Before and after pics are encouraged--the changes are remarkable!

This 90 min workshop will give you the tools you need to care for yourself at home.