Spatial Medicine

The Medicine of Chemistry:

adding or subtracting by surgery or medication.

The Medicine of Time:

addressing the past, the future, to better live in THE NOW.

The Medicine of Space:

connecting and expanding within the body to allow the body's innate nature to



Using Joseph H Pilates' historical Method to create change in the body through movement.

CPM Education (Contrology Pilates Method)

The Fascial Pilates Teacher Training

how the Pilates repertoire informs the fascia


The Rossiter System

Richard Rossiter was inspired by his training through the Rolfing Institute and his time working with a neurosurgeon to create this modality to find a relief from PAIN. The Rossiter Stretch System is a WorkOut. The two person stretch creates space in the body to return the body to health.

Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Zake believes that by creating space in the joints and between the joints, the body will return to its innate structure, and return to health. The stimulation of the bones allows the body to return to its innate balance.

Spatial Integration Sessions are approximately 50 minutes. Rossiter Sessions are efficient: ONLY 30 minutes after the initial "new client private session".

A 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect. Please cancel or reschedule your appointment in a timely manner to avoid being charged for the session.