Pilates Treehouse 

Where you can explore, inquire, play, and thrive.   

Personal Sessions 

promote focused attention on balanced movement without distraction, inviting you to play in YOUR fascial body.

Group Class Recordings 

provide an opportunity to put newly learned habits into flow and tempo, using the studio's repertoire to create change in the body. Classes are offered initially as a series to promote a communal understanding of the process and appropriate goals. *All small group classes are in our virtual studio until further notice.

Rossiter Stretch Technique

This system is the most effective in alleviating severe pain, using a two person stretch that opens the connective tissue, redistributes and balances the system which removes  pain and restores mobility. The client creates space in the body, moving and stretching, while weight is given by the coach's foot, restoring the body to its innate structural integrity.

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