"I had my first Yamuna® Body Rolling session with Jo shortly after sustaining a back injury. Her attention to detail and my individual needs was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Armed with the knowledge I gained from Jo's classes, I can work on the ball independently with confidence. Without YBR® techniques and training from Jo, I would not have made it through Houston Ballet's six-city, two-week bus tour of Spain. Throughout my career,I have worked with chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and physical therapists, but nothing compares to Yamuna® Body Rolling." Barbara Bears-GadboisFormer Principal DancerHouston Ballet
"Jo brings a wealth of experience to Houston Ballet. Her understanding and keen eye for placement is intuitive in her teaching. She approaches each student with individual care, encouraging the student to think, to learn and to get the most benefit from each exercise. Jo does not compromise, rush or settle for second best. She helps her students build a strong foundation through Pilates and Yamuna® Body Rolling to enable them to reach their potential. Jo brings much to Houston Ballet through her background and experience in dance, but the most important thing to me is her conscientious approach to teaching."Shelly PowerFormer Artistic Director/CEO, Prix de Lausanne Current Executive Director, Pennsylvania Ballet

"I have been practicing Pilates with Jo for more than eight years. Thanks to Pilates, backaches are no longer an issue, and I have greater flexibility and more stamina. I'm stronger than ever, and my posture has improved to the point that I'm an inch taller. Working with Jo is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I wouldn't give up my regular Pilates sessions with Jo for anything." Joe Abuso Consultant, Chef, Musician

"Throughout the ten plus years I worked with Jo, I found her to be extraordinarily intelligent, interested, thoughtful and meticulous. With both Pilates and Yamuna® Body Rolling, Jo has continuously customized my sessions to adapt to, and account for, injuries, body type, age and personality. The results have been gratifying, but more importantly, sessions have been engaging and have addressed my particular problem or concern of the day. My wife and I have experienced many instructors over the years, but Jo is in a class by herself—she never stops thinking of ways to make each session yield what is in the best interest of the individual client."David Ross1976 US Olympic Team Member